A time must come when we must all admit to ourselves that we do not merely eat for the nutritional value required by our bodies.
We all crave that fine dining experience. To eat from the finest china, using the best silverware and exquisite linens, our craving for culinary satisfaction has almost evolved in to a primal instinct.
Whether it be an Italian fettuccini, a French fois gras, a New York strip, an Indian curry, or a Middle Eastern ouzi, good food has gained appreciation worldwide.
Who can deny that the consumption of fine food has become a very popular form or recreation throughout the Arab World?!
Jordan, and Jordanian diet historically has been heavily influenced by that of their neighboring countries, such as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. We now have the opportunity to witness the Jordanians experience menus from all over the world.
We have a wide, and ever growing selection of products from around the world. Following you will find a list of the items which we carry in stock to give you an idea. We are prepared to listen to any suggestions and can bring in special orders as per the customers' requirements. Our refrigerated trucks will guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your orders in perfect condition.
 All these items are of the finest quality suitable for international 5 star hotels chains and restaurants. Samples can be made available for your inspection.

" We as advanced human beings have ceased to consume food simply for the sake of survival. On the contrary, some of us exist simply for the pleasure of indulging in culinary masterpieces."
A Fat Man

Frozen Food House Company Mission Statement

  • To supply Jordan's top culinary venues and five star international hotels chains with the best quality meats, poultry and seafood from around the world.

  • To assist these establishments maintain their high standards of quality.

  • To provide a professional, personal service, and a consistent supply and quality all year round.

  • To offer a dependable, prompt operation, thereby gaining customers, respect and loyalty.

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