Secondly, other fish items available in our inventory on a year-round-basis, which are imported from countries such as South Africa and Namibia include:

  • Hake H&G (headless and gutted) also known as " Armoot " in Arabic.

  • Hake Skin-On and Skinless Fillets.

  • Frozen Fish Fingers

Furthermore, other fish items also available on a year-round-basis and are imported from the Far East (Taiwan) include:

  • Tilapia Whole Round ( Bulti )

  • Black Pomfret ( Zubaidi )

  • Mullet Fish ( Bouri )

  • Milk Fish ( Hammam )

Still more fish items which are available on a year-round-basis and are of Indian origin include:

  • Indian Mackerel

  • Indian Calamari


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